Monday, August 19, 2013

The Waiting Game

Currently sitting side by side in the ward with Mr V. passing the time watching an MTV marathon (on the high tech tv terminal) and hearing "Mr Storyteller" (80+ man who wants to be in the know... And also sings to himself when he dozes off) in the next bed.

I've just been told that because I'm in the  "Major Surgery" Team (exciting!) they are hoping to upgrade me to a private room, awesome. I don't mind sharing a room at all (I do like to socialize) but if I wake up in a private room I'll not complain ;)

I'm starving!!!!!  All I can think of is food #phatty

Got some first world problems going on - I have to watch how much I'm on the phone before my battery dies.  So I will leave you with The Secret message I received today... 

Right on! Pretty much on point for a Radical Right Nephrectomy kinda day :)


JMac said...

Haha! The old dude! It's people like him that make hospital stays memorable! Always yapping away! Hehe. Yay to the private room tho. See you when ure done my little angel! Love you xxx

sdun said...

I like that idea. Thinking good thoughts for you and your family. Your private room will be buzzing with a positive frequency!

LVos said...

Thank you both!!! X