Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Post surgery: Wide awake after midnight

"Blessed are the ones who feel love" 
- Me (20-8-2013, 1:30am)

#toldyouilikedhashtags :)


Sherie culley said...

Have been checking every minute I get to see how you are. Hope it went well and you're not too sore.

Looking forward to your next update and seeing you out of hospital and on the mend. Lots of love xx.

David McCulloch said...

I got the good news from Maarten. Lionel had no friends after all! Sounds like an excellent result. Maybe I should start drinking lemon juice after all! What a rollercoaster you've been through over the last couple of months. I'll phone you when you get home. Just lie back and wave bye bye to Lionel as he sulks off into the sunset never to return.

LVos said...

Sherie & David thank you both, been loving your emails! X