Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bikini & Fitness Model Competition update...

I took the above pic last night, nearly 2 weeks into my contest prep for the bikini division.

It's crazy to think that Lionel the kidney cancer mass/tumor lived in there and was extracted (along with Mr Right Kidney) just 5.5 months ago. I was bloated for about 3 months after the surgery but decided to have manual lymphatic drainage, which certainly helped.   I have been in contest prep for 2 weeks now and am happy to see changes - I have lost 2% body fat and 3.5kg.  The main focus (body wise) right now is to cut cut body fat and build lean muscle, it's a cool process to witness.

I am writing all about it on my other blog (GetFoxFit).

I'm also posting daily photo updates on my Instagram and facebook :)

If anyone has any questions about fitness after surgery / cancer please get in touch, I am very passionate about this and always happy to help / support!