Monday, August 19, 2013

Moving Day. Waving Lionel goodbye and gaining membership into the monokidney club

Lionel is all packed up and patiently waiting for Mr Awesome Surgeon to move him out with the use of his mighty robot.

In all honesty I am excited.  I'm not sure how many questions Mr Surgeon is usually asked after surgery but I hope to win the award for 'Most Questions Asked' :)

I hope he's also ready for me to ask him to take a photo of Lionel, and any gatecrashers, as I would like to see who has been living with me all this time.

So today marks the day that I will be joining the likes of The Naked Mole Rat (one of the wittiest and funniest blogs I have ever read) in the Mono Kidney Club.

Throughout these past 2 weeks (the quickest and most thought packed weeks of my life so far) my biggest emotion, joining excitement, is fearlessness.  An emotion that I welcome with open arms and one that I wish to carry with me throughout the rest of my years.

Now this - I dig... and I do love roller coasters.

Have an awesome day :)


Anonymous said...

Gl to you maarten and your son, you will be family thinkd about u guys.

LVos said...

Thank you Quibus! X