Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Want to meet Lionel???

Before I introduce you to Lionel (if you are squeamish turn away at the bottom of this post) let me sum up the highlights since Monday:
  • Operation "Moving Day" was a success 
  • Went in around 13:30 and was done at 17:00 
  • The Surgeon said that the mass was loose and only attached to the kidney which resulted in an "easier" operation for him and his team - he took out my whole kidney and Lionel. Hello Mono Kidney Club! 
  • Because Lionel was loose the Surgeon was able to do the whole procedure with the robot (da Vinci) instead of an open surgery, which means a faster recovery time and only a few small incisions (Pirate PinUp is left intact for those wondering) 
  • I asked the Surgeon to take a photo of my kidney (and Lionel) which I was so excited to receive and see - scroll down to view :) 
  • Kidney and Lionel are currently being dissected and examined (we have to wait 2-3 weeks for a full report) 
  • Am currently being very well looked after by an awesome team of Dr's and nurses at the hospital. Mentally applauding these wonderful, kind and skilled people and can I just add: nurses - respect!!!! Seriously. 
  • Have managed about 10 steps down the hallway and back again, woo hoo! (10 more than yesterday!) 
  • Experiencing the weirdest pain of electric shocks internally and when breathing. It hurts to laugh (which really is not funny) and there is the sensation of "things moving and adjusting" 
  • Health and healing wise everything looks good and they may be sending me home tomorrow 
  • Best things I packed in my bag: 1) Beats by Dre Headphones 2) Rudimental - Home album 3) Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines album 4) Lip balm (a good set of headphones, phat beats and moisturized lips are a godsend!!!) 
And now, let me introduce you to my kidney and Lionel...

A Radical Right Nephrectomy right there people. Gnarly!

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