Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Curious kid and the fire in Arnhem

(In the background the local evening news is on the TV)

Curious Kid: There was a fire in some houses in Arnhem!  Papa, don't go there!

Me (feeling a bit left out): Should I go?

Curious Kid: No, you shouldn't go to Arnhem either.

(Another segment of the show starts with a student party)

Curious Kid: Mom, you should go there!  To get there you need to take the train, then a car, then a train, then a car, then a train, then a car (he kept going on like this for honestly 2 minutes), and then you need a KLM plane that is blue and white, then a black plane, then another car and then you are there

Curious Kid then smiles, looking happy with his proposal

Thanks Curious Kid, I am glad you would rather I go to a student party than a house fire ;)


Melis said...

I just love mister Miles...<3

LVos said...

He comes out with some funny things haha :) x