Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A coincidence?! I think not. The story of our amazing post guy

Last week myself, Mr V and Curious Kid bumped into the young guy who delivers our post.  He is always happy; a cheery chappy, smiling, always interested in how we are - a person who is happy, full of life and authentic.

Now, we hadn't seen him in a few weeks so we asked him why.   He proceeded to take off his baseball hat, which revealed a scar on the top of his head, from ear to ear - the gnarliest I have ever seen.

"I have just had a tumor removed a few weeks ago" he said.


He is 24.  With his hat on and his big smile you wouldn't have thought this young guy had a care in the world.

I looked at Mr V and knew I had to tell him about me, the super short way (I have one too and they need to remove my kidney next week).  He wished me all the luck and was genuinely sorry to hear it.

My doorbell rang yesterday and there he is - with a beaming smile (and scar) from ear to ear.  No baseball hat this time.

I have so much respect for his honesty (especially as when he told us about his surgery he didn't know about me).  We talked about how he was doing and feeling and about the power of just being positive, happy and getting on with it.  Nothing we can do but be optimistic and I can certainly see this has helped him recover and heal from his surgery.

Team Happy Post Guy & Positive Vibes!

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