Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bikini & Fitness Model Competition update...

I took the above pic last night, nearly 2 weeks into my contest prep for the bikini division.

It's crazy to think that Lionel the kidney cancer mass/tumor lived in there and was extracted (along with Mr Right Kidney) just 5.5 months ago. I was bloated for about 3 months after the surgery but decided to have manual lymphatic drainage, which certainly helped.   I have been in contest prep for 2 weeks now and am happy to see changes - I have lost 2% body fat and 3.5kg.  The main focus (body wise) right now is to cut cut body fat and build lean muscle, it's a cool process to witness.

I am writing all about it on my other blog (GetFoxFit).

I'm also posting daily photo updates on my Instagram and facebook :)

If anyone has any questions about fitness after surgery / cancer please get in touch, I am very passionate about this and always happy to help / support!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inspiration for the day...

I came across this on my Pinterest feed today - so much truth and something that we should remember.

The good, the bad and the ugly can happen BUT it's up to YOU to decide on how you react to life, situations, people, emotions, feelings, decisions etc.

Life is what you make it.  It's your responsibility to make "the best" decisions for yourself and how you feel / react to different circumstances (you can change your attitude any second).

Take responsibility and be your own savior ;)

Have an awesome day!

Friday, January 10, 2014

One of 2014's goals - A Bikini & Fitness Model Competition (FAQ'S)

2014 is the year where I will compete in a Bikini & Fitness Model Competition.  Last year I was set on entering but along came Lionel who put the brakes on that.  I had been excited for a challenge and to see how much I could shape, tone and sculpt my body.  I really loved being in the weight room and developed a keen interest in nutrition.  Since kidney cancer surgery and getting blooming pneumonia my determination has increased (you don't know what you got til it's gone!).  I do believe everything happens for a reason and now is the time to compete - I'm 100% dedicated and in the zone, mentally and physically.

When talking with friends and family I have had a few queries about it all, so I have made a little FAQ below.

In all honesty a few years ago I had no clue what it was, what it entailed and didn't know there were different divisions for female 'bodybuilders' (for more info on the contest divisions click here).

So onto the FAQ.

What does a Bikini & Fitness Model competition look like?  How does a competitor look?

Think lean, tight and toned.  Judges are looking for a 'softer' look than that of the other divisions.  Competitors are judged on balance, poise, physical appearance and overall stage presence.

Bikini Competitors are athletes - they train very very hard through weight training & working out and have an immense amount of focus when it comes to what they eat.  One of the most challenging parts to the sport is the nutrition and eating part as you follow a very strict food regime.

What competitors show on stage is something they have worked hard on every single minute of the day for the weeks and months that they have been in competition prep.

What happens on the stage itself?

Competitors will present and show their physiques that they have built, trained and sculpted.  There is a stage walk, routine and various poses that competitors need to perform.

Here are some photos of a few competitions as well as some shots of one of my fav athletes, Amanda Latona (3rd photo).

Will you have to wear fake tan?
Probably the most asked question haha.  Yes, I will.  Since I am the whitest girl alive it will be fun being tanned for a change.  I won't be going near a sunbed so am on the market to find the most natural tanner I can.  Suggestions welcome!

Why is being tanned necessary?
Tan is essential to show off the physique you have achieved.  It shows definition,  lines and striations under stage lighting.  The goal is not to be too light or too dark, so just the right amount to show off your physique in the most optimum way.

Why are you entering?
It is a goal that both Mr V and I had last year (he bodybuilding, me bikini competition) and it's an awesome thing to undertake together.  We have fun staying fit, sculpting muscles and learning more about nutrition together.
I got through cancer, having a kidney removed and a bout of pneumonia, so why not ;)  I love fitness and healthy living and this is taking it to the next level.  I want to set myself a goal and a challenge to be even better than I am at this precise moment in time.  I'm excited for the experience and I think it will provide me with many learnings and insights that will positively impact my life.

Where and when?
There are various competitions in and around The Netherlands (as well as other countries). As to my competition date - that will be set with my coach and trainer in the next few weeks.

If you are interested, you can follow our journey to the stage (plus recipes, healthy eating and fitness tips) via:




Pinterest board
All I can say is Bring It On! :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Year of the Magnificent: 2014!!!

Happy 2014!!!

I used to find 1 January (and the whole month of January) a sort of no man's land.  In the past it seemed a little empty after all the Christmas celebrations and excitement, but not this year.  This is the start of seeing things differently and on a magnificent level - from the small to the large.

Even though every day, and even every minute of the day, can be a new beginning, there is something about the 1st day of a new year that just clears the slate and is, in a way, a rebirth.  A clean sheet to start off how you mean to go on.

This morning an email arrived that said What's your 2014 theme word and it got me thinking.  I know what I want to achieve this year and the word that I have chosen is "Magnificent".  How cool will it be to look back on 2014 and know that you did all things with passion and magnificently!  From the small things you do on a daily basis to the big projects and goals that you have set yourself.

As well as having a theme word I really like this:

And let's not forget to write your goals down.  It makes such a difference to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and put those things on a list / word doc where you can go back and review through the year.

Have you written your goals?  And what's your theme word? :)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013... HELLO 2014

Dear 2013,

I would like to thank you for all that you provided.

You have taught me many things and I am thankful for everything.

A year not to be forgotten but it's time to say goodbye and to welcome 2014 with open arms and an open heart.  I excited about EVERYTHING.

Wishing you all a memorable last day of the year.  May 2014 be filled with love, joy, fun, health, happiness and magic :)


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter sun and yoga headstands

I would be lying if I said I enjoyed every moment of the last 4 weeks.  I reckon they have been my most taxing but enlightening of the whole recovery.
As said in my last post I have been 'on the bench' for the past month due to pneumonia.  It was an interesting period where I, after my first CT scan since surgery, was given the all clear for cancer but then told I had pneumonia.  Gutted.  Pneumonia?!  I thought I just had a chesty cough, but oh no.   I was hoping that my 'Results Day' would give me the closure I needed and the all clear to move on.  It was bitter sweet as thankfully I was cancer free BUT I had a nasty lung infection, which meant I had to put some plans on hold.  Needless to say I didn't enter a gym or do any strenuous exercise at all for the past 4 weeks.
After having been on 2 courses of antibiotics (necessary to clear the infection but basically it's like dropping a nuclear bomb into your system that leaves you with headaches, nausea and all sorts), watching numerous Wes Anderson / Bill Murray / Luke & Owen Wilson movies (Moonrise Kindgdom rocks), making soups and generally relaxing I am ecstatic to finally be back in the game.  
This week has certainly been a turning point and one where I feel happily in control again.  Starting back at work has been awesome.  Finally feeling healthy again feels awesome and being able to do what you want feels awesome.  I can honestly say that I am making the most of my days now... this is something I yearned to do since the kidney cancer surfaced but I always felt my reigns were being pulled back and I couldn't go 'full steam ahead' with what I wanted to do.
So, we are back on track.  Today I took advantage of the gorgeous winter sun and blue skies, got on my running gear and dusted off my Nike Frees for some outdoor cardio.  With the sun on my face and the crisp air I truly felt alive.  I really did.  Sprinting with a smile on my face - I'm alive and I'm healthy.  Life is good! 
I didn't stop there.  I came home and did something I have been meaning to do for MONTHS.  I kid you not, months!  I have been building a Pinterest board filled with yoga poses and inspiration but for some reason never did it.   But not today - this is the week of being in control and being a do-er!  So out came the yoga mat (months old and used mainly by Curious Kid for his forward rolls) and I set out to do a headstand - something that I haven't attempted since I was about 6.  Even after 15-20 mins of practicing I was amazed at just how fast you can develop.... on a side note I have to add that 5 mins of that time was probably spent faffing with Timercam to snap a shot.  I did a yoga course years ago and I remembered the feeling of release, concentration and being in the moment.  How true that is.  Not only is it good exercise but it does wonders for relaxation, stress levels and being here now.  I should have started this months ago... I have known that all along but, well, it is never too late to start and this is my start.  
Exercise and feeling healthy really does keep your mood in check (good vibes only) and let your soul glow! 
All the things I have been telling myself for years have actually been felt - be in the moment, seize the day, enjoy the small things, be grateful to be alive and be in good health.  Another important learning curve through this whole recovery period has been that you really can accomplish great things (big or small) if you just focus, put effort into it and do it with determination.
So, what's next? :)