Monday, September 2, 2013

The healing powers of music

Pain.  Something we all have to go through at some point - from childhood scrapes and bruises to dental work to broken bones and everything in between.

Before surgery I accepted there would be pain, I also happily accepted the epidural the anesthesiologist offered me.  Why suffer?!

When I woke up after surgery I was in a pleasant state of comfortably numb. I couldn't really move, my legs were 'sleeping' (the epidural saw to that), but at least I could move my head and arms without too much pain.

The first night after surgery I was on a little fuzzy cloud.  Sleeping on and off for 20 mins at a time with little pain.  That all changed the day after surgery when the nurses had to get me into a sitting position on the bed - nothing could have prepared me for what happened inside me.  Everything moved, everything hurt - real bad!  Pain.  I knew a robot had just been in there, guddled about, cut through muscles, nerves and tissue, and let's not forget it actually cut out a vital organ (with a huge mass attached) and some other bodily parts, so yes my body had gone through a trauma.

After the nurses laid me back down I vowed I would not move again... ever.

Luckily, the human body (and mind) is an amazing device.  The first week after surgery was horrendous - stabbing pains every time you would move position or do anything.  I walked like a hunchback and wondered if I would ever be able to stand straight and walk for any distance again.

Since the surgery I had taken painkillers (prescribed, over the counter and injected) to ease the pain but to be honest none of them really helped, the pain was still there.  One thing that did help me though was music

In the weeks leading up to the operation I had read a few articles on the healing powers of music - for pain, anxiety, depression and sickness.  So off I went to fill up my iPhone with loads of new, old and most loved albums.

In my hospital bed I was so thankful and grateful to have had my headphones and music, especially during the dark and silent nights when it was difficult to sleep.   It was the only thing that sent me to sleep and made the pain bearable.

So, dear music - thank you!

Thank you for soothing me to sleep, helping me deal with the pain and for taking my mind off being in hospital and all the craziness that was happening.  I really believe music has been a positive factor in my recovery.  More music - less stress.

An album that deserves a special mention and a whole load of gratitude from me is
Rudimental - Home.  This album means the world to me.  In the midst of pain and long dark nights it was there for me; providing dreamy songs, uplifting lyrics and breakbeats that made my soul soar.  It marks a journey that was unexpected but one that I can look back on with a happy heart and a fearless mentality.

For anyone about to embark on a hospital stay my best piece of advice is pack your headphones, iPhone / iPod charger and fill your device with loads of music.  Because music is probably the best medicine you can have ;)

Below are some cool articles on the healing powers of music:

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JMac said...

I hope you had some Take That in there!! Haha. Agree wholeheartedly. Music is more than just words, beats and melodies. It's an old friend and trusted companion who keeps us sane in the noise. Loved reading your thoughts.

LVos said...

Jemz - hahaha TT!
Thx for your comment! Exactly - it's an old and trusted companion :) Brilliantly put.

Anonymous said...

Music is life....

And those who were seen dancing were thougt to be insane...ny those who could not hear the music...
- Friedrich Nietzsche-

<3 xx Melis

LVos said...

GREAT quote, thanks for sharing babe!