Saturday, August 31, 2013

The love of a 4 year old for One Direction

"Mom where do One Direction live?" (I think they live in London)

"Where is that?" (A few hours away from Uncle Doug, Uncle Mark and Trevor the cat)

"Can we do a sleep over?" (Erm, I can contact their manager, or we can write to them and ask)

"Can I sing and dance with them on stage?" (I'm sure they would love that.   You can practice your breakdance moves now if you want)

We just went to buy a couple of 'thank you' cards for my surgeon and the nursing team.  After we came home Curious Kid and I had this conversation...

"Mom can I buy a card for One Direction?" (Yes, or we can make them one if you like.  What do you want to write in the card?)

"You guys are sweet"

So this just happened...

Curious Kid - how you melt my heart and make me laugh :)


Emma said...

Too cute!!! Olivia loves 1d too! Nothing to with the fact that I still love boybands!

LVos said...

Emma - she does? Aww, they would be so happy together watching their videos and concerts! I'm thinking of taking Miles to see the 1D movie this month, wanna come? :)
Haha, nothing will ever beat sleeping on the cobbled streets of Aberdeen for TT tickets :) #thosewerethedays

JMac said...

Haha! Curious kid is indeed SOOO cute!! Love him!

LVos said...

Jemz - haha, he loves his 1D

Anonymous said...

OMG... I love you Miles.... xxx Auntie Melis