Saturday, August 17, 2013

Next to be checked off the list: the box - "fear and other negative emotions"

When I was on one of my googling trips I was excited to come across this post on 6 Behaviours that Cure and Prevent Cancer.  To be honest if this mass of mine is cancer then so be it, I will do all that is possible in my power to cure and/or prevent cancer from happening again.  I am sure that the article above can be very helpful to anyone who wants to prevent or treat any illness or disease, which is why I want to share it as well as my experiences with the 'list'.

That being said let us go through their list and see what still needs to be done.
  1. Change diet - CHECK (as discussed in a this post)
  2. Deepen spirituality - CHECK (always been something I've been interested in and practicing)
  3. Feel joy, love and happiness - CHECK (Every. Single. Day. and using it to heal, as discussed in this post)
  4. Release repressed emotions - "UNDER MAINTENANCE" (see below...)
  5. Take herbs and vitamins - CHECK (incl. green tea, Omega 3 and Multi Vits)
  6. Use intuition to make treatment decisions - CHECK (From the beginning I have felt 100% confident, comfortable, relaxed and happy with the medical team around me, surgeon and surgery scheduled on Monday)  

So, number 4 - released repressed emotions has been something I have been focussing on these last days.  It's an interesting one let me tell you and it really makes you think about your thoughts and emotions (as well as feelings and energy), especially those held from (and possibly built) weeks, months or years ago.
What we need to do is 1) identify them and 2) release them to return your nervous system to a relaxed state and boost your body's self-repair mechanisms.  Sounds good to me, so in an attempt to possibly help others and give some real life examples I thought I would share my own.

So, here we go... Let's take the main negative emotions and go through them:
  • Grief - Yes, definitely been feeling that one for a month so now it's time to let that one go. RIP Gran.
  • Fear - This is an interesting one.  I guess the one thing that has scared me sh*tless since I can ever remember is death.  I have thought about this a lot over the years and just don't know why.  It wasn't something that someone had said, or something that happened, but I can only put it down to the fact that it is the 'unknown'.  I don't like the idea that one day I won't be here, as it just doesn't make sense to me.  Now, here is the funny thing.  When I was sitting in the Dr's office and told this I did not freak out.  I seriously didn't.  If you had told me years or even weeks ago that these words would have been said to me, I probably would said that I would break down and be full of fear, but that just didn't happen.  Faced with death may just have been the thing I needed to let the fear go.  I can type these words and have no fear, I am not worried about it and when it comes it comes.  Now another thing that comes to mind regarding fear is the scene from the 1980's hit Alien when Sigourney Weaver gets a chestburster.  Don't laugh!!! :) But when I saw this all those years ago I was filled with fear, I did NOT want that to happen to me.  The irony in all of this is that it kinda has happened - hopefully it doesn't have teeth like her's though haha.  I remember thinking - if that ever happened to me I would want that thing out ASAP, how could you walk about and live with something that wasn't supposed to be there inside you?!?!?!  I would get it out myself if I had to.  However, being in this situation I have not had that response at all, I have been happy to wait these 2 weeks for my surgery.  I have even named the mass (Lionel) and we have made peace.  He knows he has to move out on Monday and take with him any gatecrashers that may have joined him.  He is happy enough to be leaving and we are living in harmony until Monday Moving Day.  So, I can happily say I have let those fears go.  Amazing how faced with the very fear you have can be so enlightening. 
  • Anger - Hmmmmm.  Still thinking about that one.  Do things that annoy you count?  Like when the fridge door won't close or when an internet page won't load fast enough?  Oh OK - yes, I have been angry about my cr*ppy LASIK experience, but since The Diagnosis, I have let that one go considerably.  I can still see, be it a bit blurry but it could be worse!  So, on those moments that I get annoyed by my bad eye, or cr*p internet connection, or a fridge door that won't close I will just breath in (re-arrange the contents of my fridge) and let it go.
  • Resentment - I'm going to put my LASIK experience in here too.  I really regret my decision to do it, but I cannot reverse time.  I made my decisions.  
  • Loneliness - No worries there, I have absolutely no problem about being on my own.
  • Pessimism - No room for pessimism here, so that one is checked off the list.
  • Depression - Not really.  I guess when you are a teenager you go through phases of "Life Sucks" (usually when you don't get your way :) but that's about it.  
  • Anxiety - Interesting, yes I think I have had this once of twice... the born worrier in me has known to be anxious about stuff in the past, so I will bear this in mind if it ever re-occurs.

I have to say that going through 'number 4' was an interesting process and I wish I had given it more time before now.  So, have a think about these emotions, what comes to mind (past experiences or current situations)?  If you are holding on to negative emotions - ask yourself why and try to let them go.  Negativity never helped solve anything and it doesn't make you feel good, so just release these emotions.

As the article says "it's not just treatment, it's prevention" and don't we all want to be healthy and happy?  I do! :)


Sdun said...

Interesting post. I recently heard a psychologist on the radio explain that when people from your past pop up in a dream they can represent negative aspects of your character that you associate with that person/place/event in the past and your dream indicates that you are wrestling with that aspect of your character when dealing with a particular situation in the present.
Whether you believe that or not, that was quite enlightening for me and helped me to release some repressed emotions by coming to terms with aspects of my character I need to work on.
In summary - good list! Healthy body, healthy mind - makes perfect sense.

LVos said...

Sdun, that is very interesting, I had not heard about that. Thank you for sharing - perfect timing as I had just been having some vivid dreams this week, so I will work on that too.
Thanks again! x

JMac said...

Lovely post sweety. Honest and inspiring advice. Your outlook is just amazing. And interesting theory about the dreams Sarah. I often dream of random people from my past. Must look into this more.

LVos said...

Thank you Jem! Indeed, Sarah's theory is very interesting and one I didn't know about. So happy she shared that :)