Sunday, August 25, 2013

I AM...

Good morning and Happy Sunday Funday!  

Been home for a few days now and taking it easy; resting, regaining energy & strength and being very well looked after.

The Catfish weekend break on MTV is providing the perfect entertainment... What a show. The stories, the people, the outcomes and of course Nev and Max. Some are so crazy you couldn't make them up and some have such heart warming outcomes.  To see the struggles people have with themselves (self esteem issues) or others (bullying) for example just opens your eyes to the fact that you never know which battles a person may be fighting.  I think it's such a positive programme to air so others can learn from these experiences and what can happen in online/real life relationships.  It's also a valuable reminder - 'Dont trust everything you read on the Internet' ;) 

Anyway, let me share with you today's The Secret message, I really like this one as it's the simplest way to put The Secret into action and only requires the use of 2 simple but powerful words - I AM...

You can fill in the rest... Whatever you want to be, feel or have in life - just add after I AM. Simple right? 

Today I choose to say:
I am healthy
I am strong
I am comfortable

What do you choose? 


David McC said...

I AM so pleased that you're blogging again!

LVos said...

David - Awww *big smile*
Thank you :)