Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Year of the Magnificent: 2014!!!

Happy 2014!!!

I used to find 1 January (and the whole month of January) a sort of no man's land.  In the past it seemed a little empty after all the Christmas celebrations and excitement, but not this year.  This is the start of seeing things differently and on a magnificent level - from the small to the large.

Even though every day, and even every minute of the day, can be a new beginning, there is something about the 1st day of a new year that just clears the slate and is, in a way, a rebirth.  A clean sheet to start off how you mean to go on.

This morning an email arrived that said What's your 2014 theme word and it got me thinking.  I know what I want to achieve this year and the word that I have chosen is "Magnificent".  How cool will it be to look back on 2014 and know that you did all things with passion and magnificently!  From the small things you do on a daily basis to the big projects and goals that you have set yourself.

As well as having a theme word I really like this:

And let's not forget to write your goals down.  It makes such a difference to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and put those things on a list / word doc where you can go back and review through the year.

Have you written your goals?  And what's your theme word? :)

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