Friday, August 9, 2013

How Super Mario is going to help me (the mind body connection)

Over the past decade I have been interested in and used the mind body connection particularly when I suffered from RSI.  I came across Rachel's story and Romain's story that blew my mind and after reading these, and Dr John Sarno's book, off I went to work on my own mind body connection - I was astounded at what happened.

The Secret had also changed my life, the movie and book spoke to me in so many ways - that's the idealist in me.  It really opened my mind to the thought that we build our own lives and can make anything happen.

When I was told the news on Monday one of the strongest thoughts I had was, "Well let's get the mind body connection started again and truly implement The Secret".  I have 100% trust and belief that the Dr's and Surgeon are doing (and will do) all that they can medically for me so the least I can do is try and help my body, and the medical team.  

If we are going to overcome this mass that is happening in my body then we need to work as a team.

Monday night - hello my friend Google.

One of the stories that I have found so inspiring is where a little boy imagined rocket ships shooting his terminal tumor away - amazing, just amazing.

Another article, which I love and keep reading is CNN - Can you imagine cancer away? If you are at all interested in the mind body connection I highly recommend reading it as it shares such empowering and inspirational stories.  

Moving onto The Secret - just check out how a 22 year old woman used The Secret to heal her Stage lV Breast Cancer.  Brilliant.

So, what am I doing exactly?  Well, every morning I wake is begun with a smile, looking over at the amazing Mr V who is usually sound asleep or on his iPad and just be happy that I am alive and have such loving, supportive, wonderful and funny people around me.  Life is good, I am here.  

Stretch - get the blood flowing and those crickety bones stretched out.  Whatever is happening inside me has to loosen up a bit.

Hello mirror - I look healthy, I feel healthy (apart from the odd pain in my right side here and there, but it's not that bad to be taking paracetamol).  As much as over the years I may have disliked some things that I saw in the mirror, don't we all?! (I look tired, my thighs are too big, bad hair day etc etc) - I don't anymore.  That is me and I am healthy, I actually have a true appreciation for myself, all that my body can do and how it looks.  For the first time I am really 100% comfortable (the 6 pack I was striving for will come, I know it for sure).  I really cannot wait to get myself back into the gym and start REALLY training - I know I can achieve a whole load more than I have if I really apply myself (and listen to Mr V).   Miraculously my one 'crappy' eye that underwent LASIK 2 years ago, that bugged the living daylights out of me every single day since (as I was in the 3% that do not have a good result) do not even annoy me.  I can see and I am happy with that.  Anyway, what I am trying to say is that when I see myself in a mirror I truly see a happy healthy person looking back at me.  

On a side note, and this may just seem too funny, but on the Monday when I was diagnosed I was truly very happy to have had a 'good hair day' - ladies, I know you know what I mean, as this doesn't happen to me often and good hair days can make all the difference :)

Now onto Super Mario.  I was lying in bed thinking about my visualization process - how to take away the mass inside me.  I am not a sciency person, so thinking about white blood cells won't work for me.  I really do not know how Mario popped up in my head but I started to strongly visualise the Donkey Kong set up (with the ladders) - old school with primary colors and pixels.  Then along came Mario with his wheelbarrow who is taking away the "mass".  So this is it for me.  

Mario is part of the team, I'm happy to have him on board.

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I ADORE reading these posts they are SO inspirational. #teammario