Sunday, August 11, 2013


It's 6:something AM (early o'clock) and I'm the first in the household to wake.  I could turn over and go back to sleep but the light from the living room is too inviting to turn down.

Anyway, what to do.  Well Curious Kid is not up yet, so I will leave our little morning dose of toons for later and enjoy the Zen of quietness (yes, I sound like a total dusty middle aged person being happy in 'silence' but the sounds of the sidewalk and the ticking of the clock bring a smile to my face... and that's coming from a person who would blast out music 24/7).

So, on goes the Mac.  This week has been one of shock and awe to my family and friends (sorry guys) so I wanted to dedicate a post to the Frequently Asked Question's and the facts, so far.

Let us start with the facts:
There is no doubt about it a 'mass' seems to have lovingly stuck itself to my kidney.  That the Dr's are certain of.  After an echo and CT Scan they are saying it points to, and looks like, cancerous cells.

Now for the FAQ's:

How do you feel?
Like I have always felt, I am still me - nothing has changed there :)
I feel healthy, a little tired now and then but I guess that is no wonder when my body is trying to cope with a rather large uninvited guest.
To be honest I even forget that I have this most of the time.

Are you scared?
No.  This may seem odd, but seriously I am not worried.
Here is the way I see it, I could leave my house and be ran over by a big phat black on black Ram Dodge and that would be the end.  Death - can happen at any time, so I count myself lucky that the Dr's and Specialists in the hospital picked up on my new visitor and are doing something about it.  I see it in the way that they have added days, weeks, months, years to my life and for that I am thankful.

Are you in pain?
No.  The occasional dull ache or weird sensation, which I can only describe as the same things I felt when I was pregnant.

Will you have to undergo chemotherapy?
Chemo and radiotherapy only work on certain cancers, not all.
We have to wait and see for the results.  If and what kind of cancer (are there are also different kinds of kidney cancers).
Bear in mind that research has found that chemo does not work on kidney cancer.

What stage have they said it is?
No stage numbers have been said.  "Advanced" was the answer I received, due to the size of our visitor.  I'm sure the real answer will be known after surgery.

What will they do in your surgery?
A right radical nephrectomy - they will remove my right kidney, the mass, some lymph nodes and anything else they don't like the look of.

How long will you be in hospital after the surgery?
If the surgery is done with the da Vinci robot - 2/3 nights
If it turns into an open surgery - 5/6 nights

This is a question that I asked a good friend of mine when I found out about my Gran's cancer.
What is the best thing I can do?  
Be happy around them.
Best piece of advice ever. I know this from experience - my Gran was poorly however all she wanted was to be happy and have that energy around her.  Sitting here myself I fully appreciate and understand that.
Everyone reacts differently when they have been diagnosed with having a mass, cancer or any other disease, but a good dose of happiness can never hurt the situation.

So those, dear readers, are the most FAQ's I have been getting.  I am open to answering any questions family, friends and others have, so don't be shy to ask :)

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