Thursday, August 8, 2013

da Vinci robot surgery and gnarly scars

We went to the hospital for the pre-operation screening and to meet with the Anaesthesiologist.  Forms were filled in and questions about general health, allergies etc. were answered.  I passed them all 10/10, yay. 

We also met with the Urologist again who had spoken with the Surgeon and they have decided to use the da Vinci robot for the surgery as he is confident the robot will reach the mass and lymph nodes effectively.  The surgery may be a combination of the robot and an open surgery and the good thing is that the surgeon can make the decision to change methods efficiently. 

I have a feeling the surgeon may be excited about this little "challenge" haha. 

The Urologist spoke about the scar.  In all honesty I don't care - get all the unwanted stuff outta there.  

The crux is:
- Robot surgery = pierced in 5 places with one larger scar (sounds good to me)
- Open surgery =  Cut open a few cm's from the belly button all the way around the side to your back (SHARK ATTACK

A thought had struck me, my side tattoo (a pirate pinup) will be cut in half. She may lose a leg and I have no idea how the surgeon will react to sewing me (and pirate pinup) back up again.  After a hilarious conversation my awesome friend came up with the solution: amputee pirate may have to get a peg leg tattooed on her after the recovery, word to that. 

Emotions: happy, confident and badass - bring it on! 


Adida Fallen Angel said...

What a great chance to get a new tattoo! AhOi.

LVos said...

Haha, I thought I was finished but... Maybe not :)