Saturday, August 10, 2013

Curious kid and Nana's spanish fan

Our beloved funny son is in the question phase.  He never shuts up, all day questions, questions and questions.  It's amazing to witness; this little person's brain running over time and wanting to know just everything, things that had never entered your head before.  That is the wonder and magic of a curious 4 year old and I thought I would start writing down some of the dialogue's here.
Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends - if you have funny stories to share I would LOVE to hear them!!! Post them in the comments :)

I can't remember the exact dialogue but it went something like this...

Curious kid: Nan, where did you get your fan from? (It's a spanish fan)

Nana: From a shop

Curious kid: How much was it?

Nana: €8

Curious kid: Do they sell one's for kids?

Nana: I think so

Curious kid: How much would that cost?

Nana: €4 

Curious kid: Nana... do you have €4?


Anonymous said...

He's a smart cookie!! There's no way you can say no to that 😂😂😂

LVos said...

Gotta love 4 year old logic :)

Sherie culley said...

They are so funny aren't they...chester has been pushing the limits lately so being the kind,
warm hearted mum I am, I told him that his sister's school that he is due to start in September doesn't allow naughty boys so if his behaviour doesnt improve, he may have to go to a school especially for naughty boys where he'll spend 5 sleeps each week and then maybe if he's been good, he might be allowed home (sounds so awful when I'm typing this but it had been a long week!!). I told him to have a think and when I got halfway down the hallway I hear "mum" so I turned round and there was chester holding up his Lightning McQueen bag...mum he said, shall I take my things in this bag!!! So that's the naughty step, sending to bedroom and threat of boarding school all exhausted...any other tips?!

LVos said...

Sherie, hahahahahaha. I can just see that now with his McQueen bag (and innocently brushing his hair)! Gotta love these kids, naughty and nice.
Something that we are trying is taking away some of his beloved toys for a while... or even better... DUN DUN DUN... the iPad. The threat of this seems to be working for us right now ;)

Sue said...

We have the question phase too..
Driving through rush hour Anderson drive whilst trying to answer why traffic lights are always on, and why they didn't get tired and need to go to bed.
Desperately trying not to resort to "because they just don't!" and instead ending up explaining electricity, which included his fascination with wind turbines!
You have to laugh!!

LVos said...

Sue, I just loved reading that... Soooo funny. Thank you for sharing! :)
As much as all the questioning can drive you crazy it's just amazing to witness their little minds running wild ;)